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University Meetings Schedule

The University Meetings Schedule incorporates committee meeting dates, University holidays (non-teaching days and OVC closure) and key University events.

2019 University Meetings Schedule

2018 University Meetings Schedule

Academic Calendar

The full Academic Calendar can be accessed below.

2019 Academic Calendar

2018 Academic Calendar

Key Dates 2018

Semester 2
30 July – 2 November

Semester 2 Main Census Date
Tuesday 21 August

Non-teaching period
24 September – 5 October

Teaching Day (Staff)
Wednesday 7 November

Study Week
5 November – 9 November

Examination Week
12 November – 16

Graduation (Adelaide)
Friday 30 November

Results Published
Friday 14 December

Key Dates 2019

Graduation (Perth)
Thursday 7 February

Semester 1
25 February – 31 May

Semester 1 Main Census Date
Tuesday 19 March
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Graduation (Melbourne)
Friday 22 March

Non-teaching period (Easter)
15 April – 26 April

Research Day (Staff and HDR Students)
Wednesday 5 June

Study Week
3 June – 7 June

Examination Week
10 June – 14 June

Results published
Friday 12 July

Semester 2
29 July – 1 November

Semester 2 Main Census Date
Tuesday 20 August
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Non-teaching period
23 September – 4 October

Teaching Day (Staff)
Wednesday 6 November

Study Week
4 November – 8 November

Examination Week
11 November – 15 November

Graduation (Adelaide)
Friday 6 December

Results Published
Friday 13 December

Census Date Information

Every unit is assigned a census date. The census date is the final day on which students can withdraw from a unit and receive a refund of tuition fees, and have the unit removed from their academic transcripts. Students who withdraw from a unit after the census date for that unit will not receive a refund of fees and will have the unit recorded on their academic transcript. The census dates for standard 12-week semester length units are listed in the key dates for the academic year. Please check with your College for the census dates of intensive units.

List of all upcoming Census Dates