Studying at the University

You can find definitive information on the awards of the University on the Our Courses page. Details of individual units can be found on the Unit Directory which can be searched or sorted by keywords, Colleges, dates, mode of study. Details of assessment tasks for individual units is published on ARK (see below) and in College websites and printed handbooks. Course advice is provided by your College. Some useful policies for current students include:

If you are experiencing difficulties with your course of study, your course advisor can provide information about student support services, including academic skills classes. If you are experiencing serious difficulties, your course advisor may discuss an intervention strategy with you as set out in the Course Progress Policy.

Educational IT Systems

The University has three major IT systems used by staff and students for learning, teaching and research:

  • ARK = the Learning Management System, used to support all units at the University
  • Library Hub = digital library resources including databases, journals and e-books
  • TAMS = the Student Record System, providing access to enrolment data and results.

Current students will need to access all three systems. The three systems use the same username and password. The username is the student number (found on your University ID card or admissions letter) or you can use the name of the email account supplied when you enrolled . If you do not know your password, you can obtain it by visiting the TAMS log-in page and using the “forgotten password” link. If you need help, please contact your College Registrar.


Information on how to apply to graduate is on the Graduation page. In 2012 the University adopted five Graduate Attributes. Find out more about our Graduate Attributes.

Student Services

The Colleges of the University offer a range of support services for students as required by the Student Support Services Policy, including orientation events, academic skills programs, spiritual and welfare support. Please contact your College for further information.

Appeals and Grievances

All members of the University, including students and academic staff, must abide by the Statement of Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct of Members of the University. The University’s Grievances Policy may be consulted where a member of the University is alleged to be in breach of the Statement. A person may consult the Appeals Policy where he or she wishes to appeal a decision made by the University. View more information on Appeals and Grievances.

Further information