United Faculty of Theology

Closure of the United Faculty of Theology

The United Faculty of Theology (UFT) was a College of the University of Divinity. The UFT concluded operations in December 2014 and the final students to complete awards through the UFT graduated from the University in March 2015. The official announcement concerning its closure may be read here.

Students who were formerly enrolled in the UFT were invited to re-enrol through one of the other Colleges of the University of Divinity. This includes the two successor Colleges to the UFT, both located in Parkville, Victoria:

Pilgrim Theological College

Trinity College Theological School

Former students or graduates of the UFT seeking a record of their studies can find information on this website about how to obtain an academic transcript or other academic documents, and can contact Rose Allinson in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor ((03) 9853 3177).

History of the UFT

The United Faculty of Theology (UFT) was an informal association of member institutions, in 2014 comprised of:

  • Jesuit Theological College of the Society of Jesus incorporated in Victoria 
  • Trinity College Theological School (Anglican Province of Victoria)
  • Uniting Church Theological College (Uniting Church in Australia Synod of Victoria and Tasmania)

The UFT was formed in 1969 to provide theological education on an ecumenical basis by sharing staff and facilities and bringing together the students of the member institutions in common classes. By common consent, the United Faculty of Theology made its classes and other resources available, on payment of fees, to students who were not enrolled with any of the member colleges. The early concentration of the UFT was on the preparation of candidates for ordained ministry, but, after the inauguration of the BTheol degree in 1974, a shift of focus took place.  The UFT assumed a wider mission of theological education for anyone who wished to be part of it.

The UFT’s Vision and Mission, as adopted by its governing body, the Senatus, in 2002 was as follows:

The UFT sees itself building and fostering a genuine ecumenical Christian community of teachers and students that encourages a radical vision of the Gospel of Christ, which will equip students not simply to understand faith, but to change the world by living the faith that does justice. The mission of the UFT is to serve the needs and to further the mission of the churches we represent by rigorous theological reflection on the Gospel and its radical implications.

UFT Office-bearers

The UFT was governed by a Senatus comprised of the academic staff of its member institutions, led by a President, and supported by a Dean and administration centre. The Office was housed successively in Ormond College (1973-1983), Jesuit Theological College (1983-1985), Queen’s College (1986-2006), and at the Centre for Theology and Ministry (2007-2014).

Deans of the United Faculty of Theology

  • The Revd Dr James M Young 1970-1977
  • The Revd Dr Bruce Barber 1978-2001
  • The Revd Dr Duncan Reid 2002-2005
  • The Revd Dr Janet Crawford 2006-2008
  • Dr Peter Sherlock 2008-2012
  • The Revd Dr John Capper 2012-2013
  • The Revd Dr Geoffrey King SJ 2013 (acting Dean)
  • The Revd Dr Don Saines 2013-2014

Office Staff

  • Gwynneth Rogers (Secretary)
  • Anne Yeoh (Secretary, 1985-1991)
  • Lyn MacMillan (Secretary, 1992-1994)
  • Margaret Tropea (Registrar, 1995-2014)